Visa Services Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions, the information on this website and all other relevant information given to you by us form the basis of the agreement between us and you and any other person(s) on whose behalf you apply for a visa service from us. In these terms and conditions, ‘we’ and 'us' are OOO "East West Link". 



















We accept applications for visa services ("services") by our website, telephone, fax, e-mail or post. When you make an application you acknowledge that you accept these terms and conditions, the information on this web site and all other information given to you by us in relation to your application.





We require that cleared funds for the full cost of the services be received by us before we will process your application. For clients outside of Russia the payment is processed by our European office "East West Link Limited" and we accept payment in Pounds Sterling, US Dollars and Euros by debit card, credit card, cash or bank transfer. You are responsible for any additional costs involved in making any payments or refunds including, but not limited to, bank transfer charges, credit card surcharges and currency conversions.


For visa processing, while we start to process most applications the day we receive them, for the avoidance of doubt, visa processing will start the next full business day following receipt of cleared funds and the required documents to start the processing and not on the date of application or payment.


If we do not receive full payment for your services within 10 business days of application we may, at our discretion, cancel your application.


Consulates, government organisations or other third parties may change their prices at short or no notice. In such situations you agree to pay any additional fees or costs we may incur on your behalf and we will refund you any balance if prices reduce.


If, at our discretion, we process an application without receiving full payment, we reserve the right to hold travel documents, including passports until full payment is made.


Payment of our service charge does not guarantee that a consulate will issue a visa or organisation a visa support document.






We reserve the right to cancel the services at any time, in the unlikely event of such a situation we will contact you and offer you an alternative service or a full refund. We may have to cancel due to force majeure, that is unusual or unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, the consequences of which neither we nor our suppliers could have avoided even with the exercise of due care.


In any event, where we cancel the service we will offer you a full refund of monies received but will have no other liability to you whatsoever.





In the event that you need to cancel your application after we have confirmed to you in writing that it has been accepted for processing, you must inform us in writing (which we must receive for the cancellation to become effective).


On receipt of your cancellation request we will refund to you any monies paid for the services, less any expenses we have incurred on your behalf.


In all circumstances, if we have already submitted an application for visa support documents on your behalf to the organisation responsible for their issue and paid the fees we will not be able to provide you with any refund.





Although we are not legally bound to accept changes that you may wish to make to your application after confirmation, where possible we will attempt to do so. Where we do make changes to your application we reserve the right to charge appropriate administration costs, which you will be advised of prior to any changes being confirmed. Typically, these would between £15.00 and £25.00 (or the equivalent in your chosen currency).


If you do not confirm the changes in writing to us during normal business hours before we apply them then we will not accept any liability for any misinterpretation or perceived mistakes.





We will endeavour to provide you with the services that you have ordered from us, within the timescales estimated, in a professional and efficient manner.


In this agreement, "working" or "business" days are defined as days that include Monday through to Friday and exclude weekends and public holidays of countries of consulates and government organisations involved in the processing of your services. For the avoidance of doubt, excluded days (also known as "non-working" days) should not be included in any calculations when estimating the timescales for the provision of your requested services.


Visa support applications received after 16.00 (GMT) will not start to be processed until the following working day.


To facilitate our services to you, we may where possible and wholly at our discretion, lodge visa support requests on non-working days.


We do not guarantee that we will post, deliver or that you will be able to collect any visas support issued on non-working days.


In some cases we are dependent upon various third parties who are beyond our reasonable control. As such, you agree that we will not be held liable for any losses, either consequential or inconsequential, that you may potentially or actually incur due to the actions or failure of such a third party. This includes, but is not limited to failure to meet expectations, reduced service levels or loss of documents by a commercial courier service, postal or electronic delivery or communication services, a Consulate or state organisations such as the Russian Migration Authority.


A state organisation may request applicants provide additional supporting documents to allow them to reach a decision wholly at their discretion. Where they have done so, you should be aware that this will affect the processing time and you should provide the requested documents as soon as possible to allow your processing to continue.


We do not guarantee that we will obtain a visa support document for you, that any visa support document issued will be exactly as requested or that any visa support document will be issued without errors or omissions. The issue of a visa support document is wholly dependent upon the relevant responsible foreign government organisation and the decision to issue a visa support document including the type, validity period, conditions and restrictions is absolutely at their discretion. In the unlikely event that you are not issued a visa support document, are issued one as requested or are issued one with errors or omissions we will accept no responsibility for any losses, either consequential or inconsequential, that you may potentially or actually incur.


Where we are providing a "visa support only" service then you should be aware that the visa support documents we provide are fully correct according to the legislation of the country and the rules of the Consulate that requires them. However, having a valid visa support document does not guarantee the Consulate will issue the visa and it is your responsibility to ensure that you meet all of the document and application requirements of the consulate that you intend to apply to.





While we provide information on the various visa types and services available, you are responsible for ensuring that the visa support document that you order from us is suitable for your specific requirements and that you use it for the purpose it is intended and in conformance of the laws of the issuing country.


You agree that all of the documents and information that you provide to us in relation to your requested visa services is accurate, complete and correct and you understand that if you provide inaccurate, incomplete or incorrect information and documents that this will delay service processing, make delivery of the requested services impossible or mean rejection of your application.


If we receive an application that is incorrect, incomplete or contains conflicting information then we will attempt to contact you to receive your instructions. You agree that wholly at our discretion and using our best judgement we may, but are not obliged to, correct, complete or resolve conflicts in your application as we determine it is necessary if we are not able to contact you.  Where we have corrected, completed or resolved a conflict in your application without being able to contact you we will not be responsible for any errors, omissions or potential problems associated with using the issued visa or visa support documents.


You are responsible for selecting the appropriate service processing timescales and delivery options to meet your specific needs and you agree that you will provide all documents, information and payments that are needed that will allow us to successfully complete your service in a timely manner.


If we receive payment and all necessary documents and information for an application from you and the service processing timescale you have requested does not allow for the delivery of the service in time for the stated travel dates, then, in the absence of written instructions from you and wholly at our discretion and using our best judgement we may, but are not obliged to, upgrade your service processing to a higher level without contacting you. You agree that you will pay any increased fees or costs to facilitate this increased service processing.


You are responsible for clearly identifying the travel dates you need your visa to cover. We will not accept liability for any visa issued that does not cover your intended travel dates where you have not clearly identified them or have provided conflicting information about your travel dates with your application.


You acknowledge that you understand that any visa issued will be for the dates listed on the visa support documents requested and not the dates you list on the associated visa application form.


You are responsible for confirming the visa or visa support documents issued are suitable for your actual requirements before you travel or use them. Where we are responsible for an error in processing your visa support documents and where we have been advised immediately of that error, we will endeavour, where possible, to correct the error free of charge or offer a full refund.


We do not accept any responsibility for any consequences of  any errors made by us when processing your visa support documents.


We do not accept any responsibility for any consequences of your use, or inability to use, any visa or visa support documents that have been issued. 


You are responsible for all fines, fees and costs, including those applied to us, charged by the Russian authorities in the event that you break Russian migration law. This includes, but is not limited to; deportation, arranging an exit visa and arranging for late registration of your visa.


When you make your application, you acknowledge that you have suitable insurance to cover loss, delay, refusal or issue of a visa or visa support document, or, that you have no need of such insurance.





In the unlikely event you have any complaints about the services we provide, in the first instance please write to The Chief Executive Officer of OOO East West Link at detailing your grievances. You will receive a written response within 30 days of our receipt of your communication detailing our investigation, any action that we propose to take and any alternative options you may wish to pursue.


It goes without saying that our clients are most important to us and we do, in all circumstances, work hard to delight our clients and this includes working with you to address any dissatisfaction you may have experienced.





The contract we have with every client is governed by the law and courts of The Russian Federation and they will have jurisdiction to hear any dispute arising out of or in connection with it. This includes clients ordering from any country in the world.